Monday, June 13, 2011

NEW "SUPER DUPER" Hand-Made, Weathered Wood Outdoor Ice Chest

"SUPER DUPER” hand-made wood outdoor ice chest gives your outdoor kitchens a contemporary look and is quite trendy. They have two compartments and so, can be used for both if you’re throwing a small party or a huge party. Each of these handmade woods is from old weathered wood, so none of them will look alike and each one will have its own weathered patterns or designs. This wood pattern gives you antique look and these woods are slightly polished to give you a leveled, smoother and clean finish. This type ice coolers comes in varied inside capacity such as 22” wide x 12 ½” front to back x 11” deep and smaller chest 8” wide x 11” front to back x 7” deep. The larger ice chest usually has provision to drain whereas smaller ice chest does not have a drain but can be easily drained as it is removable. You can opt for any of these capacities suiting your needs. "Super Duper” hand-made wood outdoor ice chest has ice tray, a slot for knife storage, easy removable cutting board, alternate ice bin, handle bar for towels, bottle rack, easy roll casters, a storage drawer, bottle opener, fold down side shelf and Igloo Brand 48 quart cooler. It has a good quality Igloo brand 48 quart cooler as it is durable and can withstand rough handling.

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