Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lutron LED Downlight from Lutron Collection

Homeowners and business owners alike are making the switch to energy-efficient LEDs, which are probable to become even more widely adopted over the next 10 above years. Finiré addresses general issues associated with LEDs, like excellence of light and color concerns, by providing a complete solution that combines Lutron technology and modernism to produce high-class light output with different color temperature comparable to incandescent and compact bright lamps. 

The Finiré family is designed for use with Lutron’s Homework’s QS and RadìoRA 2 total home manage systems and any Hi-Lume LED driver well-matched control, such as Lutron’s Maestro Wireless dimmers with Pico wireless control. Finiré offers also a 15W or 1BW LED, with equal light output of 60-90W incandescent lighting.

1. Provides a total solution that combines Lutron technology to produce high-quality light output with different color temperature similar to incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps.

2. Ensures compatibility between an LED dimmer, driver and fixture - saving the installer time and money by eliminate guesswork.

3. Offers the energy saving payback of an LED, with the light output equivalent to an luminous bulb.


The benefits include:

1. infrequent lamp changes, flexibility for various applications: the light module, driver and beam spreads are field identical

2. Immediate light output Finiré is offered as a down light, wall wash or adjustable fixture with several squares and round 4" decorative trim styles, numerous finishes and lens options. Finiré is priced from $489.

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