Sunday, October 20, 2013

Introduce a new First-in-Class French Door Refrigerator

This Futuristic Fridge has the only one refrigerator filtration system that removes 98% of five common pharmaceuticals — from painkillers to hormones — and an easy-access filter that makes it more likely you'll change it on schedule.

Also cool: When the hands free "Autofilling" water dispenser uses sound wave to detecting and fill to the glass, cup, bottle, or coffee-pot — no hovering!

The french door refridgerators also design allows easy access to all fresh food areas. Crisp, clean LED lighting ensures fresh foods are easy to see and easy to find. And the new high-tech look of LCD control and adds a touch of style at first fleeting look.

Our trendy options make over any kitchen, while our suitable features meet the demands of your busy lifestyle. Counter-depth styling allows the french door bottom freezer refrigerator to fit nearly flush with nearby cabinetry, create a sleek, trendy built-in look.

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