Thursday, November 17, 2011

American Outdoor Grill Brand 36" Built-In Stainless Steel Gas Grill

built in stainless steel grill

All AOG built in stainless steel grill are artificial right here in the good 'ol U.S.A. Some features are restricted to the 36" model, like: 36 x 18 primary cooking surfaces with 648 square inches to cook a lot of food at one time! Plus it has a influential 48,000 BTU's of cooking power AND 12,000 BTU rotis backburner. Island is not incorporated in the price. Grill Only.

Other features that are incorporated in this representation are:


The AOG Infrared Backburner System is constructed of INCONEL™ stainless steel to be more robust and makes this burner system heat challenging, corrosion challenging, effortless to use and simple to clean.


AOG burners are made of 18-SR Stainless Steel (an alloy made with titanium and chromium). This mishmash provides greater power, and greater conflict to oxidation and thermal effect. The added structural honesty of 18-SR means that the AOG’s high temperatures are no threat to burner life or presentation. These 16,000 BTU burners will stand up to acidic circumstances such as those set up close to sea water. They are certain to last at least 15 years


These exclusively styled built in stainless grill panels are located to vaporize drippings from the food being cooked, adding moist grill flavor and aroma. They are intended with quadrilateral openings forming a diagonal prototype, as long as most favorable heat output and even heat allocation right through the questioning exterior while plummeting flare ups and fat fires.

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