Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moss Colored Fyre Gems for Peterson burner systems and gas firepits

outdoor gas fireplace
Glass crystals for request in Peterson burner systems and built in stainless steel grill outdoor gas fireplaces/pits. The 10 lb. or 40 lb.pound bucket of particularly invented, tempered and tumble glass is safe to handle since it has no pointed edges. Enjoy Fyre Gem's brightness for a lifetime. Flames dancing from side to side sparkling glass offer icy-hot outdoor or indoor mood.

For whole in sequence built in grills for on Peterson Fyre Glass and Fyre Gems

It takes 30 lbs. to cover a 24" width firepit1 to 1 1/2" depth.

It takes 50 lbs. to cover a 30" width firepit 1 1/2" depth.

It takes 75 lbs. to cover a 36" firepit width 1 1/2" depth.

It takes 135 lbs. to cover a 48" firepit width 1 1/2" depth

Choose 10 lb or 40 lb. bucket above.

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