Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Firemagic Aurora 660i Built-In Grill With/Without Backburner

built in grill
Select Features of The Aurora 660i: The top-selling model in the Fire magic line. These grills offer true 30” crossways the cooking surface, not the FRAME of the built in stainless steel grill like others calculate. A total influential BTU rating of 75,000 on the main cooking surface and a full-length backburner rated at 19,000 BTU's. The total cooking area is just about 660 sq. inches so it can hold just about whatever thing you want to load up!

The Aurora 660i ALSO includes a grave duty rotisserie kit with stainless steel motor competent of rotary 20 lb pieces of meat with ease! Of course, with a rotisserie you also need a backburner and this unit features a full 19,000 BTU's.

Built in grills for Every Fire magic Gas Barbecue includes the most even heat distribution through cast stainless steel burners. The placement of the burners along with the portholes allows for ease of use and near eliminates hot spots and rough cooking temperatures at the grilling surface. These post natural gas grill cast stainless burners are 4 1/2 times thicker than any other stainless steel burner! As such, they are defensible for life! A full 12" deep stainless steel uni-body cabinet also allows adequate room for the burners to be placed low sufficient from the cooking surface to permit the heat to spread calmly before reaching the cooking surface.

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