Thursday, December 1, 2011

Small, Corona Retro Cooler

Corona Retro Cooler
Come and like the flavor of "south of the border". Whether at the beach tailgate or in your own back yard. Chill your beer in style with this innovative built in grills for metal icebox featuring a colorful and relaxing Corona beach scene.

Every built in stainless steel grill cooler is construct with insulated walls and lined with galvanize steel to keep your beer entirely chilled. Zero could be better for get-together with friends when there just isn't adequate room in your refrigerator. Also makes an stupendous gift for any Corona lover.

Take in a motionless bottle opener on the front and a favorable drain pipe below. Holds up to 20 bottles.

Sm. Corona Retro Cooler

18"W x 17"H x 15"D

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